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The Cat Says What?


Mewing is my least favorite word in any language. Is it pronounced myoo-ing, moo-ing — or am I supposed to pronounce it as meowing, but the o is non-existent? I’m not looking for clarification. I’m just letting it be known where I stand when the great mewing vs. meowing war begins. Every time I see it my eyeballs cringe. To me it’s like using the word borking to explain the sound a dog makes.


I Stole This


Evil Urges: The Crayfish

I was thinking about summer today. It’s spring here in Pittsburgh and as usual it’s sunny, cold, windy, warm in spurts, then overcast, back to cold, then it gets dark and it’s just super cold. Multiple weather personality be damned. I was thinking summer!

I dwelled on playing in cricks as a kid discovering crayfish, salamanders and random bugs. I rode that stream of thought for a moment and somehow ended up on the term, “That shit cray!” I hear all the cool kids
are saying it. Or at least some of them. Two years ago.

I was compelled to create something so pointless yet poignant at that moment in time. The regret of unrequited inspiration is the worst. My evil urges took over and before I knew it I was doing an image search for crayfish. No, Google, I’m not looking for crawfish. I settled on the image below. I believe it said he was a signal crayfish. I’m guessing they do semaphore. I didn’t really read it. It might be a baby lobster. Slapped on the required all-caps Impact and a somewhat legal copyright — Bam! – instant crappy meme.

Enjoy. I’m sorry.


I (just don’t) give a fuck.


Why is everyone so proud to proclaim they don’t give a fuck?

I give a fuck. I give a fuck about a lot of things. There are things I don’t

give a fuck about, but I don’t give a fuck about them, so saying I don’t give

a fuck about them in a public forum would just constitute giving a fuck on

some fucking level. What the fuck?

This is all about the fucks I give. To the fucking future!