Long Time No See

All great recollections from out of nowhere usually occur when someone is on the toilet.

That’s how it went for me today. I remembered I have a blog. I logged into that blog. Then I spent an hour removing 90% of the content from that blog. I flushed it all away.

According to my stats someone looks at this thing at least once a day. My apologies to you. Hopefully there is someone else out there blogging nonsense for you to follow.


About Rocket Surgeon

Jaded graphic designer, well-fed artist, retired cook, steadfast husband and father of the year, if it were 1868. Typing into the electric ether from the town that brought you the ferris wheel. Established in 1979. Nothing special, nothing by design, nothing's shocking, nothing to sell. Enjoy or ignore. Do what thou wilt and do it alright.

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