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Long Time No See

All great recollections from out of nowhere usually occur when someone is on the toilet.

That’s how it went for me today. I remembered I have a blog. I logged into that blog. Then I spent an hour removing 90% of the content from that blog. I flushed it all away.

According to my stats someone looks at this thing at least once a day. My apologies to you. Hopefully there is someone else out there blogging nonsense for you to follow.


The Cat Says What?


Mewing is my least favorite word in any language. Is it pronounced myoo-ing, moo-ing — or am I supposed to pronounce it as meowing, but the o is non-existent? I’m not looking for clarification. I’m just letting it be known where I stand when the great mewing vs. meowing war begins. Every time I see it my eyeballs cringe. To me it’s like using the word borking to explain the sound a dog makes.

Light, Color, Shape | Downtown

I took the 6am Red Line to downtown Pittsburgh today. The sun was casting light and shadows everywhere. Every corner and alleyway had a different palette. The Pride Fest parade was this morning also, so I lucked out with a few streets being completely blocked off. See, the LGBT community does make life better for […]

I (just don’t) give a fuck.


Why is everyone so proud to proclaim they don’t give a fuck?

I give a fuck. I give a fuck about a lot of things. There are things I don’t

give a fuck about, but I don’t give a fuck about them, so saying I don’t give

a fuck about them in a public forum would just constitute giving a fuck on

some fucking level. What the fuck?

This is all about the fucks I give. To the fucking future!