Fireworks in the Backyard

Our neighbor stopped over yesterday to tell us the town has a fireworks show every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day. She said we were in a prime spot to see them. I looked at our hill and thought, “What the hell. I’ll grab the camera and see if any of them are even visible.” I was pleasantly surprised. Happy Memorial Day if you’re in the States! Happy day if you’re anywhere else on the globe!

IMG_3001 IMG_3010 IMG_3033 IMG_3050 IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3107 IMG_3112 IMG_3135 IMG_3142 IMG_3157 IMG_3167 IMG_3172  IMG_3213 IMG_3228 IMG_3240 IMG_3241



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About Rocket Surgeon

Jaded graphic designer, well-fed artist, retired cook, steadfast husband and father of the year, if it were 1868. Typing into the electric ether from the town that brought you the ferris wheel. Established in 1979. Nothing special, nothing by design, nothing's shocking, nothing to sell. Enjoy or ignore. Do what thou wilt and do it alright.

2 responses to “Fireworks in the Backyard”

  1. good2begone says :

    The last shot sums it up nicely.

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